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Author, Editor, Teacher

Publishing: A Survival Guide

In the 21st Century, publishing your book is just a point-and-click away...

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In this concise handbook, editor and author advocate Michaele Lockhart provides guidance for writers navigating the often tricky journey to publication. In the United States alone there are over one thousand companies competing for the author's money: your precious dollars should be spent where they will do the most good.

Every day thousands of writers agree to have their manuscripts published. The self-publishing industry comes in many disguises, from cozy local start-up ventures to the mega-giants of the industry.

The road to successful publication is long, filled with potholes, and littered with technicalities, with scams of all sorts lurking on every corner. Among the newest of unregulated cottage industries are e-formatters. Many new authors find the end results disappointing, falling short of their expectations and what they have been promised. Authors should be well-informed about the industry they are a part of. Forewarned is forearmed.

Based on a series of articles featured on the author's blog site, Lockhart's words of wisdom prepare and protect the newer writer for a first publishing experience while improving future endeavors for others who might already have spent several thousand dollars on a single book.

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Writers will appreciate the thorough and concise treasure trove of knowledge presented in this book. It will assist them to avoid the many landmines asociated with the modern publishing industry. Lockhart's latest work is equal to Strunk and White's The Elements of Style and Stanbrough's Punctuation for Writers and has definitely earned its place on a shelf in my bookcase. ~Roja Grey, Tucson, Arizona