Michaele Lockhart

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Author, Editor, Teacher


Behind their softly honeyed tones and a veneer of proper society, the women of a prominent San Antonio family have hidden their secrets well for over 200 years. Social standing is what matters; morality or honesty is unimportant. When the elderly occupant of the family mansion dies without a will, the last surviving member of the family is summoned by the estate lawyers.

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Dr. Jeanne Stewart has moved away, still carrying the painful burden of lies, secrets, and betrayals that are her family's legacy. She returns reluctantly, for five days spent with the court-appointed estate appraiser, Elizabeth Blanchard of the The Heritage Company.

Together they uncover the family's history and treasures, revealing the often perjured past of the Mortons and the deceptions inflicted upon their family and the community where they reigned as social aristocrats.

In the hot and muggy world of South Texas, a storm is brewing outside and inside the derelict mansion, culminating in one final horrifying discovery and betrayal.